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Diagnostic Testing

Your first step in improving your health

Are your Lab Results normal, but you don’t feel normal?
Do you feel uncomfortable after you eat?
Are you having trouble sleeping or concentrating?
Holistic Health Partners can help you find relief. We guide our clients to the best diagnostic test to understand your imbalances or deficiencies.
Don't live with pain or discomfort, contact Holistic Health Partners to start your wellness journey today.

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We Handle the Details

After a discussion to get you into the right test, we will send you the kit with detailed easy-to-use instructions, follow up with the lab and then be there to explain the results to you in detail and create a plan to move you towards your wellness goals. No guess work on your part.

A Great First Step

Gaining an understanding of what is going on from the inside out is a great first step to finding the path to meeting your wellness goals. Reviewing diagnostics shed light on important biological systems like hormone levels, thyroid function, brain chemistry, as well as your sleep cycle, food sensitivities, Vitamin D levels, lipid profiles and adrenal response.

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Holistic Health Partners only works with the best brands in the marketplace. We demand that all brands we support be science-based, manufactured in the United States using the highest quality ingredients, and be committed to providing the education and training our staff needs to best serve our clients. It is a working partnership!

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