We are here to help

Whether you are self treating or under the care of a doctor, we can play a vital role in helping you accomplish your healthcare goals.

Some of the programs and services we offer:

- Vitamin and Supplement review
- Home-based Diagnostic Testing
- Clarification of your existing protocol
- Review the previous testing you have had done and don’t fully understand
- Creation of holistic wellness plans
- Education and information on trends in the alternative health industry
- Product selection advice meet your specific needs and save you money

If you are working with an existing healthcare provider:

- We can offer a second opinion
- Review your diagnostic testing results
- Offer options to your current protocol from the best brands to get you the best prices

If you don’t have an existing doctor:

- We offer a complete line of diagnostic testing to uncover possible reasons for a healthcare concern
- Develop protocols to address your needs, which could include supplements,      meal plans and other forms of therapy
- Educate you on the possible causes for your condition

It’s my goal to be a partner in your healthcare journey. If there is any way I can help, please let me know. You can set up an appointment below to continue our conversation.

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01 Diagnostic Testing

Food Allergies
Vitamin D
Heavy Metals

02 Supplement Review

Brand Approval – Gaining Brand Access
Product Selection – What product do I need?
Product Review – Is it the right product

03 Wellness Planning

Review of Past
Where you are now
Where do you want to go
Protocol development