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Are you tired of paying too much for your Supplements? Let us review your products and leverage our brand relationships to meet your budget.

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What is a Supplement Consultant

We can review what your taking, explain what a particular product can do, or answer any question you might have about achieving your wellness goals.

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Have Doctor We Can help

We are not here to change what you are doing with your doctor; we are here to help you better understand their plan and help you reach your goals.

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Using a holistic approach, we take into account all of the essential parts of you. Based on your individual needs, we will educate you on what is going on in the integrative health world and advise you on best practices to reach your own goals.

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Holistic Health Partners only works with the best brands in the marketplace. We demand that all brands we support be science-based, manufactured in the United States using the highest quality ingredients, and be committed to providing the education and training our staff needs to serve our clients best. It is a working and active partnership! All designed to give you the best chance to reach your goals.

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Before any journey starts you need to know where you are

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Confused about CBD

Confused about what CBD is or what it does? Do you know how this plant can impact your life? Let us answer your questions about all things CBD. We will break down the possible benefits, answering any of your questions about dosing, and dispel the myths around this essential plant.

Supplement Review

Do you know why you are taking what you are taking? Do you have questions about specific vitamins or supplements? Do you have questions about a brand or what a product might be used for? Leverage our expertise to get all our questions answered.

Are you in between you Doctor Appointment

Are you stuck because you are between doctors' appointments? Lets us help relieve that stress. Whether you need to purchase products or just have a question about your wellness journey. We are here to help.

Need Medical Advice about your Wellness Journey

Don't have a medical person to speak to? We offer a complete virtual experience for you. We provide diagnostic testing to see what is going on, protocol development, and supplement education and review. Let us help you develop a path to wellness.

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Los Angeles, CA

I am 35 years old and have been struggling with indigestion and bloating after eating for the past four years, getting worse each year. My cupboards looked like the pharmacy's digestion section, with so many medications and supplements, but nothing helped. After reaching out to HHP for advice on a better supplement to provide relief, it was suggested that I might want to test for food sensitivities. I was desperate for a solution, so I gave it a try. The process was simple, the kit was sent to my home, the instructions were easy to follow, and the results consultation was scheduled. I found out that even though I thought I was making healthy choices in my diet, my body was having an adverse reaction to many of the foods I was eating. My plan was easy to follow, eliminating foods for a few months, and starting an immune system reset and gut repair protocol. I am so relieved to start feeling better and excited, knowing that my health plan is not forever and that I have support along the way.


Charlotte, NC

This program is a lifesaver! I have been taking a variety of supplements over the years in an attempt to minimize some inherited conditions. I finally found a formula that worked well for me in managing my conditions, but it put a financial strain on my budget. Taking advantage of the Patient Pricing program offered through the clinic has allowed me to afford to make my health a priority and not compromise on the quality I want. I feel great about being able to feel great!


Philadephia, PA

As a typical response to my annual doctor's visit, I leave the office feeling a bit confused. “Everything looks good, except your Vitamin D level is low. Just take a supplement, and we will retest you in a few months.” I get home and think, “ok, great, but what kind and how much?” I tried looking on the internet, but there was too much information for me to process. I spoke with a supplement consultant who suggested a liquid D3 supplement to take in addition to the multivitamin I am currently taking. This made it easy for me to add to what I was already getting to help me raise my levels up to where they should be with a product from one of the best brands in the industry. It was so nice to be able to schedule a complimentary appointment with HHP’s medical staff to set up a time to talk and be guided to a vitamin that was best for my needs.