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Are your Lab Results normal but you don’t feel normal?

Do you feel uncomfortable after you eat?

Are you having trouble sleeping, gaining weight, or concentrating?

At Holistic Health Partners we can help you find relief. We guide our clients to the best diagnostic test to understand their imbalances or deficiencies.

Don’t live with pain or discomfort, let us help you to start your wellness journey today.

Diagnostic Test benefits

Our Diagnostic Testing Process:

  • Our staff helps you find the most appropriate test to meet your needs.
  • You easily order the proper test from VitaminScript.com.
  • We ship the kit, along with easy-to-follow instructions, directly to you.
  • Collect your sample at home and return it to the lab in a postage-paid envelope.
  • When ready we will explain your results and create a personal wellness plan with you to help you achieve your health goals.
  • We will check in with you along the way to encourage your journey and make adjustments as needed, we always be only a phone call away!

How To Test At Home

select test

receive kit

follow instructions

return sample

lab runs test

results review consultation

Our Laboratory Partners



We partner with the top labs in the functional medicine environment. With state-of-the-art facilities, scholarly and relevant research, industry-certified processes and best practice, easy to understand reporting, you can be on your way to achieving your health goals more efficiently and effectively.

  • Hormone Balance
  • Thyroid Function
  • Metabolic Response
  • Food Sensitivity
  • Zonulin Testing
  • Gut Barrier Panel
  • Cellular Nutrition
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Genetic Predisposition

Sample Collection Methods


Saliva testing for hormones involves collecting saliva samples to measure hormone levels. It is preferred over other methods due to its non-invasive nature, convenience, and ability to provide a comprehensive assessment of free, biologically active hormones. Saliva testing reflects hormone availability at the tissue level and offers insights into hormonal imbalances and overall hormone health and helps to monitor the effectiveness of treatment plans.


Blood spot testing is a method of collecting a small blood sample, typically obtained from a finger prick, onto a special absorbent paper. The blood spot sample is then dried and sent to a laboratory for analysis. It is useful for laboratory testing of hormones, insulin, vitamin D, thyroid markers, and immune reactions to foods as it allows for convenient sample collection, reduces the need for venous blood draws, and can be easily transported, making it suitable for remote or home-based testing.


Dried urine testing involves collecting a urine sample and allowing it to dry on specialized filter paper. The dried urine sample is then analyzed in a laboratory to assess hormone byproducts, neurotransmitter metabolites, and elements. This testing can provide insights into imbalances causing depression and anxiety, sleep issues, and chronic fatigue. This information aids in the management of wellness and mental state by guiding targeted interventions and personalized treatment plans.


A blood draw process involves the collection of blood from a vein, typically in the arm, using a needle and syringe or vacuum tube. It is the recommended choice for certain lab tests as it allows for larger blood volume collection and a wide range of diagnostic tests. Our Micronutrient Test requires this process to be able to evaluate the nutritional state from within the white blood cells. Blood draws can be done in laboratories, medical offices, or by home laboratory services by trained healthcare professionals.

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