Find out your nutritional state from within your white blood cells- where it really matters!

Your nutritional state is profoundly important for your overall health and well-being. It affects things like energy levels, immune function, and how your body functions on a cellular level. Knowing your nutrient state from within white blood cells is valuable because it gives you a clearer picture of any nutrient deficiencies or imbalances. This helps you tailor your diet and lifestyle to meet your specific needs, ensuring you’re getting the right nutrients for optimal health.

SpectraCell Laboratories

SpectraCell Laboratories stands out as the top choice for micronutrient testing due to their innovative approach. Unlike traditional methods, they analyze nutrient levels within white blood cells, offering a more accurate reflection of cellular function. Their comprehensive panels, customized reports, and expert recommendations make SpectraCell a superior option for personalized nutritional assessment and guidance and our preferred partner in supporting our clients’ optimal wellness.

Commonly Accepted Causes of Disease That Are Really Manifestations of Micronutrient Deficiencies



Micronutrient deficiencies can worsen inflammation. Sufficient amounts of antioxidants help reduce inflammation, while deficiencies can lead to uncontrolled inflammatory processes.

Poor Gut Health

Micronutrient deficiencies can result from poor gut health. The gut bacteria play a role in producing B vitamins and aiding nutrient absorption. Therefore, compromised gut health can lead to micronutrient deficiencies.

Low Immunity


Micronutrient deficiencies can weaken immunity. Various micronutrients are essential for regulating the intricate immune system, which defends against pathogens and internal cancer cells.

Environmental Toxins

Micronutrients power our body’s detoxification systems. Insufficient amounts hinder our ability to detoxify. Since environmental toxins are inevitable, providing our cellular detox pathways with necessary micronutrients equips us to effectively handle toxins.



Micronutrient deficiencies disrupt hormone synthesis. Adequate micronutrient levels support balanced and optimal hormone function, promoting overall hormonal health.



Micronutrients influence genetic expression. Genetic variations may require different micronutrient levels for optimal cellular function. However, genetically linked micronutrient deficiencies can be managed with targeted supplementation to overcome their effects

Micronutrient deficiencies contribute to various diseases. By addressing these deficiencies through targeted supplementation, overall health improves and the risk of disease decreases.

Nutrients Tested 

VITAMINS: Vitamin A-Vitamin B1-Vitamin B2-Vitamin B3-Vitamin B6-Vitamin B12-Biotin-Folate-Pantothenate-Vitamin C-Vitamin D3-Vitamin K2

MINERALS: Calcium-Magnesium-Manganese-Zinc-Copper

AMINO ACIDS: Asparagine-Glutamine-Serine


ANTIOXIDANTS: Alpha Lipoic Acid-Coenzyme Q10-Cysteine-Glutathione-Selenium-Vitamin E

CARBOHYDRATE METABOLISM: Chromium-Fructose Sensitivity-Glucose-Insulin Metabolism

METABOLITES: Choline-Inositol-Carnitine

SPECTROX: Total Antioxidant Function

IMMUNIDEX: Immune Response Score



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